30 Facts you need to know about Palestine and Israel Conflict 2021


  1. For 11 days Gaza was continuously bombarded by Israel, which killed 248 Palestinians in total and wounded 700+.
  2. Half of the electricity is not working in Gaza.
  3. Damaged and destroyed: Gaza’s roads, water, sanitation networks, health, and educational facilities by Israeli offensives.
  4. In the name of operation “LAW AND ORDER”, Israeli police are arresting innocent people and vulnerable kids.
  5. More than 3094 Palestinians are facing immediate dispossessions from their home in the occupied West Bank (not including East Jerusalem).
  6. During this Israel-Palestine war 2021, Israeli armies killed 66 children, adding to those 3000 children who were killed by Israeli forces over the past 20 years.
  7. Over the past 20 years, Israeli forces killed 3000 children.
  8. People around the world are aching with pain for Palestinian, they cry for their Palestinian brothers and sisters, there now.
  9. Protests are going all over the world and demand no room for Israeli tyrants in 2021.
  10. Palestine Refugees in Gaza need immense support because of the loss of Human Lives and the destruction of important physical infrastructure.
  11. In East Jerusalem, 81% of all Palestinian children live below the poverty line. And many Palestinian families cannot afford food and necessities.
  12. According to Health authorities in Gaza: Israel attacks on May 10 killed 254 Palestinian, including 66 children.
  13. According to the WHO team when visited Gaza after 11 days of bombardment, Palestinians are in emersed need of health aid. World Health Organization (WHO) said 200,000 require emergency health aid in Palestine
  14. Israel air and artillery attacks killed 253 Palestinian, including 66 innocent kids, and left 1900 people wounded.
  15. Israel destroyed 1800 residential units in Gaza & Partially demolished at least 14,300 others.
  16. During the Gaza conflict, social media platforms are intensely used by Palestinians, due to which many arrests in Palestine are taking place just because they are posting hashtags, videos, and posts on the internet.
  17. Due to socio-economic factors, the young men of Jerusalem cannot see any hope of a good future in their homeland.
  18. Jewish settlers are taking control all over their homelands and homes without any resistance.
  19. Thousands of people in Gaza are suffering from trauma and mental health issues after the war opened by Israelis.
  20. Ugliest War left people with bittering memories of physical & mental health issues.
  21. Did you know the United States approved a $75m arm sale to Israel, it was worldly criticized by legislators in Congress and several democrats.
  22. Gaza is now described as the world’s largest open-air prison because of air, sea, and land blockade by Israel.
  23. No transportation can go inside and come outside in Gaza.
  24. US aid to Israel is $19 million and US aid to Palestine is $3.8 billion
  25. Israeli police announce “Operation Law & Order” and start arresting innocent and vulnerable kids. Arrested kids are kidnaped, blindfolded, beaten, and threatened with a gun on their heads.
  26. Israelis law and order started a way of mass detention for Palestinian citizens, it is aimed to punish Palestinians if they participate in protests and rallies
  28. Israel Is maintaining direct forceful external control over Gaza and indirect control over life within Gaza with help of military forces. It controls Gaza’s air space & maritime, and six out of seven Gaza’s land crossings.
  29. Palestinians are killed and humiliated by Israeli forces. Their blood is flown like water by Israeli armed forces. It’s a request to help them as much as you can.
  30. Thousands of people in Gaza are suffering from trauma and mental health issues after the war opened by Israelis.

-   News   /  July 28, 2021