Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Burning Down

Amazon burning down

The huge fire in Amazon rainforest is burning in the lungs of our planet. All global networks need to come together and support to help that fire down. Amazon rainforest has captured huge fire and it is increasingly burning for weeks. The world should be deeply concerned by the fire and it’s harmful after-effects as Brazilian declared the state of emergency due to the rise of fire.

Reason Behind Amazon Fire

The part which is burning is under the territory of Brazil. This year Brazil has burned Amazon rainforest more than the yearly record. According to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), there were 72,000 fires inside Brazil and mostly intact to Amazon rainforest. Last year in 2018 it was 40,000 fires.

So basically what was the core reason behind the fire? Fires in the Amazon are nothing new as local people usually start wildfire for agriculture and cattle ranching etc. Part of Amazon burn every year but this year it is spreading out of control at a record rate.

amazon on fire

NASA says Amazon rainforest is fire resistant due to its wet and humid nature but due to low rainfall and human activities, its weather is changing to dry. So dry season was the reason behind spreading of a huge fire in Amazon rainforest. According to expert, this is majorly due to deforestation.

INPE also says,

“Every minute in Amazon three soccer fields of tree cover are lost.”

With this huge fire, the lives of a billion peoples on earth are at risk.

-   News   /  August 26, 2019