5 Best Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has been favorite and trending social networking site among celebrities, influencers, athletes, and youngsters. As it is growing among everyone, people wants to increase their Instagram followers in some ways.

Here are the 5 best ways to increase your Instagram followers:

Build a strong profile

Many people leave their Instagram profiles empty without adding any bio, photos or stories. Whoever has an intention to follow you would surely check up your profile, while your profile is incomplete, the person won’t be interested in following an empty profile.

Add bio related to what you do, your work, passion, interest, traveling and workout and so on. Post photos of you so people can recognize you; add photos of your activities, dinners, travelling. By building a strong profile, there Is a 50% chance that whoever visits your profile follows you.

Follow other accounts

Start following accounts related to your profile; your work or anything which matches your profile or start following most followed Instagram accounts. When you follow someone, there’s 90% chance that the person you followed visits your profile and follows you back if you have an attractive profile.

Use #hashtags

Hashtags helps you a lot in growing Instagram followers. Use related hashtags for Instagram on your photos, by adding hashtags, your picture shows up on the Instagram explore feed and whoever is searching for that particular hashtag will see your photo.

Like photos

Try to like most Instagram liked photos. When you start liking photos of random people from explore feed by using hashtags, they will surely check who liked their photo and visits the profile.

Make your profile public

By making your Instagram profile public, when you do activities on Instagram; when you follow someone, like or comment on someone’s picture, people will know from their Instagram following tab and they might visit your profile.

-   Social Media   /  August 18, 2019