How To Earn From Instagram And Facebook

How To Earn From Instagram And Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are the top social platforms which almost are used by everyone for entertainment or for business purposes. Probably, you are one of them who spend many hours using these platforms, Right? Then why not earn from Instagram and Facebook?

Here are few tips which will help you earn some real money from these platforms:


Create an Instagram account with a general name which people usually search for, like if you are creating an account with the name of ‘Celebrities Fans Club” then target some celebrities or people who are into celebrities. By targeting means, grow your Instagram account. When you have good numbers of followers like 20k or above (it takes time to grow) then DM some of the new celebrities in the related industry and ask them if they want to get promoted in your Instagram profile. When agreed, make a deal by putting your rates for Instagram post and Instagram stories.

  • Create Instagram account with a general name
  • Make a strong Instagram profile by posting photos and bio
  • Follow some of the most followed accounts on Instagram
  • Increase your Instagram followers
  • Contact people for promotions
  • Facebook

    Earning from Facebook is quite easy than earning from Instagram because of Facebook ads. Nowadays, Facebook videos get viral so easily and the more you get views the more you earn.

    Same instructions are applied here.

  • Create Facebook page
  • Grow your page likes
  • Run ads on Facebook (you can watch tutorials on youtube)
  • Extra tip: Do not upload videos or pictures of others without their permission.
    You can always ask them before posting someone’s videos or pictures.

    -   Social Media   /  August 27, 2019