How To Opt Out Of My Health Record

how to opt out of my health record

The Australian government took an initiative to create the electronic health record database named as My Health Records (MHR). It is an online database which is used to keep your all health records in one place. This blog will clearly state lots of benefits and risks, which can help readers to opt out of MHR.

Each person will have My Health Record

Each person will have My Health Records unless they don’t want to. If someone doesn’t want to they can opt out willingly.

And if you choose to be in MHR, then you don’t need to do anything, the system will upload your medical records itself. It is a Pharmacy record of the past two years. MHR currently includes data of 5 million people. People who want to opt out of MHR they have 3 months duration for it. They can close their account or stop them from creating it.

List of records in MHR

  • 2 years of medical record
  • Test Result
  • Scan result
  • Prescriptions by doctors
  • Medical treatments and conditions
  • Immunization records
  • Letters referred by a specialist
  • Summaries of hospital discharge
  • The MHR is owned by the federal government. It can be uploaded by you or government itself and can include data by your doctor, specialist, pharmacist, etc. This information can also be accessed by your doctor and other official staff. It includes concern regarding patient privacy. There is also privacy risk in MHR. Due to the culture of open computers and shared login, data could be leaked anonymously.

    Opt-out Trials

    Government has started opt-out trail for those who don’t want data to be stored online. The government will send a letter to each person’s home asking them, MHR will be set up for you unless you don’t want to. MHR is for the betterment of people with intellectual disability for eg. someone who doesn’t remember his/her medical condition, MHR can help them to identify their illness and provide treatment accordingly. But some people still want to opt out of it due to privacy and other issues.

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