Kashmir To Be Burned Down By India

Kashmir To Be Burned Down By India

Importance of Article 35A

Article 35A of Indian constitution clearly states that people of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) are “permanent resident” of state Jammu & Kashmir. And moreover, the special rights of J&K people will be protected. Now after collapsing of article 35A and 370 proudly by the Indian government, any non-permanent resident of J&K will soon reside in the state.

History of Kashmir

Kashmir was split between India and Pakistan since 1947. Pakistan and India mainly fought three wars over Jammu & Kashmir. The first war was from 1947 to 1948. The second war followed in 1965 and lastly in 1999.

India Occupied Kashmir (IOK)

Indian forces currently tried to capture Kashmir’s by all means. They sent thousands of troops to Kashmir streets. All telecommunication and internet services are banned since the 5th of August, none can contact none. Schools, universities, and hospitals are closed since the lock down and those which are to be opened soon are only in Muslim majority areas. Famous Kashmiri leaders are house arrests such as Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti.

500,000 militants are sent for Kashmiris. In short one soldier versus 25 civilians. Until now 70,000 killings, 10,000 disappearances, and 7000 mass graves are reported by Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society. People of Jammu and Kashmir are being raped, tortured, sexually violated and disappeared daily by the Indian forces.

Pakistan’s Reaction

Pakistan has called this decision for ethnic cleansing. Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan resembles this act with Nazis act. But India says that it is a profitable step for Kashmiris economic development and also an improvised decision for removal of terrorist activities.

Most Indians are scared to speak up for Kashmiris because if they do that they will be supporting terrorists. The majority thinks Kashmiris are terrorist especially rebel of Kashmir’s.

Muslim Countries Must Support Kashmir

People of IOK want the support of the Muslim world. They want Muslim leaders to resolve this conflict as soon as possible. They want help because IOK is full of Muslim majorities.

Modi The Butcher

In 2004 the US didn’t give Modi visa only because he mass murdered Muslims during Gujrat riots. In 2002 he became popular for his nickname “Butcher of Gujrat.” Soon he will be entitled as “Butcher of Kashmir.”

-   News   /  August 12, 2019