In April 2000, the military department of the USA released an unusually surprising video, recorded by infrared cameras on USA army fighting drone. That video was then documented by special agent Sarang Dino who is famous for taking world-class photographs. That video shows very unusual and unidentified aerial phenomena. Drone flyer reported seeing objects flying randomly across the sky at the time of evening, looking like an oval dish. He also stated it was moving with crazy supersonic speed and changing directions very fast. He said he had never seen any flying craft moving like that.

But what did the drone flyer see? Why USA army release such kind of bizarre knowledge to the open world? This question remains. Looking this kind of supernatural thing, one thing is for sure aliens are far most intelligent and technologically powerful than us. CBN news reporter shashik said, billions earthly lives are considered to be risky, but with no support from scientist and the military, because they think it will be too dangerous to invade aliens. So, what we do know? Should we do something or not take any action and let the news pass by.


This is what the people of the world think right now. But in the outer world of the universe story seems to conflict. Far. far away there is one anonymous planet by the name DURON. Which is existing for 57000 years in this universe without know by any human. They are reptilian creatures with black greasy fluid always dripping out of their body. They are greyish, bulky, rounded creatures, like a huge hairy fat tall lizard. They are weird-looking creatures and one group among these aliens even wants to even kill the human generation. 

If a human sees them, they must skip a heartbeat. They can disgust anyone with their horror looking body. But not all of them are bad, just like humans, there are two types of aliens in DURON, the good ones (REAPERS), and the worst ones (CHAMELEONS). Humans don’t need to be worried about good ones; they have no business with the world. But bad ones are the real-life threat, they are soulless creatures, came into the existence just to create chaos & wreckage to everyone in the universe.

DURON is in a state of war for the last 7000 years. It’s because one community of alien civilization, CHAMELEONS wants to invade our Earth, kill the human race to live on earth forever. As on their planet, they cannot do all the crimes they want to. In DURON planet other aliens simply hate CHAMELEONS, they spread chaos & destruction by attacking, killing innocent aliens for no reason but fun. CHAMELEONS are a group of extremist aliens; they roam in the night and jump out of the dark from nowhere to kill other aliens. They are envious kind and get jealous easily. Hate peace and follow no rules.

If you are thinking all aliens exist to take over the planet earth, then probably you are wrong at your information, some extraterritorial would risk their lives for the right thing. REAPERS are the alien police-community of DURON planet, wants to stop CHAMELEONS aliens from mass destruction on earth.  They are the protector of law and justice and prevents bad aliens from crimes & injustice. They are saviors of Earth, sparing people from inevitable destruction causing from crimes of aliens.

You must be thinking why Chameleons was never able to capture earth? Because there’s a twist how come REAPERS always succeeded in protecting the earth from CHAMELEONS. It is because of a human champion on earth Carl Den. He is a 15-year-old boy, mastermind legend of the astronomy field. He is a self-made person who combined his knowledge with education and developed highly equipped electronic devices and setup, which instantly alerts REAPERS whenever CHAMELEONS visits earth. That device is powered by a satellite network. REAPERS contacted Carl because of his admiring ingenuity tactical abilities. As carl was successful in making an alien alert information system. Which makes it easier to catch aliens whenever they enter the earth.

This human-alien partnership of REAPERS & Carl is saving billions of people on our planet. Despite hundreds of other problems on earth carl decided to solve the topmost one. He devoted his life to save the earth from bad aliens. Nobody knows Carl is a superhero.

In the high alert situation, he won’t sleep for months. And we people of Earth do terrorism, spike global warmings, and kill each other for power & money, not thinking there is a massive problem going to strike us in the future.


That rare footage released by the USA army is when CHAMELEONS are trying to enter earth and REAPERS are fighting and stopping them. This all-war thing is happening in a nano-second of time, that’s why people of earth can only see flashes and lightning or supersonic dish moving here & there.  Aliens fight at the speed of light making it invisible for a human eye to grasp such superficial things.


We all should learn to live in peace with each other. Because one day when CHAMELEONS get successful entering earth. All humans have to stand against him to save our beloved land.

-   Informative   /  January 14, 2022